Tortilla de Patatas

Tortilla de Patatas

Image courtesy of @bubbasfoodiefinds


1.5 pounds of peeled potatoes

1/2 pound of thinly sliced onion, julienne

6 eggs, beaten well with no egg whites showing

2 teaspoons salt

Olive oil, 2 quarts, for poaching


1. Pour olive oil into a large pot and bring to poaching temperature, about 160º-180º. Poach potatoes for 10 ten minutes.

2. Add onions and continue to poach until the potatoes are soft but have not turned too mushy.

3. Strain the potatoes and onion over a jar or heat-proof bowl and save oil to use again. Let the potatoes and onions drain for a few minutes

4. In a metal bowl, crack 6 eggs and add salt. Whisk together, then add the drained potato and onion and stir well.

5. Heat 10” non-stick pan to medium heat. Coat all over, even sides, with olive oil.

6. Pour mixture directly into the center of the pan quickly. Let sides set up. Turn pan as needed for even cooking.

7. Adjust heat as needed and shake pan to check for sticking.

8. Using a rounded spatula, check around edges for cooking. When edges are cooked through, put round pan or plate on top of sauté pan and flip over. Slide the inverted omelette back into the pan and cook the other side. Flip out onto pan or plate and let set up before cutting.